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Liliya Annenskaya


image001«It is desirable to say shortly and clear “enormous thank you”. I love, when me a hint is taken and, really, save my time, respectfully behave to my wishes and, here, do everything honest. I invited a nurse from Ukraine and not a single minute did not feel sorry about the decision».

Nataliya Ovenina


image002«For me, as a musician that tours constantly, to have a reliable and careful nurse in Moscow is the question of life! I found for itself a wonderful manager from the agency and you I advise. Yes, yes, and once again yes!

Marina Latigina


image003«I never had helpers and domestic personnel, but with appearance of Marii, such necessity arose up. Professionalism of agency surprised me. In the very compressed terms, a nurse and maid was picked up me from Ukraine, without that now I do not present the life!»

Sofia Zimnevich


image004«I remember all my fears and experiencing before a ring in an agency on the selection of domestic personnel . And I worried yet more, trusting cleaning up in my bedroom to the new and unknown woman. But, all passed perfectly. I can bravely to notarize you, that agency is an exit from any difficult situation»

Marime Pogosyan


image001«I long went to what to engage in the favourite business. And, when a fate smiled me, and I got a long-awaited workplace, appeared, that permanent business trips coming me. Exactly then there was an idea to invite on work a nurse with a residence.

Arina Gusovskaya


image004«Vital circumstances were folded for me so that it was necessary quickly to come to work. To find a good nurse in Moscow with a residence very not simply. And it for us with a husband was a question fundamental. Especially in that moment when our Misha a year was yet made default. On advice a chief, I appealed to agency and .I understand now, that knowingly, in fact our nurse the best! I do not stop to delight in work of Agency.

Anton end Olga Voronkov

web designer and  tutor

image005«We with Anton people creative. Small that changed since in our life a smart little girl Annushka. Neither him nor my mother not able to influence on our freedom-loving way of life. We thought about a maid in Moscow. And after a close collaboration with a nice woman from Ukraine , we made decision that she will live for us constantly. Our house became the real complete thicket, since we appealed to agency.

Kseniya Dolgova

curator of charitable projects

image008«I – on one hundred percents modern mother. but sometimes I simply need time for itself: to visit in private with ideas, listen good music or to honour a book. A husband insisted on that we need to invite in a house a nurse – maid with residence. Oh, as he was right! It is simple find and our rescue!

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