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Need a nanny abroad?


Nurse it before all eye and ears of mother, during her absence; it caring, attention, exactness in regard to a kid. How is it possible to define the zone of responsibility of nurse? Limiting responsibility of nurse in the workplace is impossible, but it is possible to define basic tasks, in the different spheres of co-operating with a child, they touch providing of safety, care and hygiene, feeding and age-related development of child.

What nurse to choose?

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Basic duties of nurse are in family

If we talk about  nurse for baby, to the basic duties we can take: complete care of child; hygienical procedures; preparation of food and feeding; moist cleaning up of nursery and care of toys; walk on fresh air; observance of the mode of day (on a concordance with a mother); child’s massage (general strengthening).

During work with the babies of the age-related group 1-3, to the duties of nurse the all-round age-related development of kid, permanent game, is added, acquaintance with the rules of behavior in society.

Inviting a governess, family bargains to get educating of child, preparation on the school program or program of kindergarten, sometimes hire a specialist strictly specialized on one some direction.

What is a nurse good from Ukraine?

Undoubtedly, distinctive descriptions it is been human internalss, our nurses. They are careful, attentive, kind. Preparation as specialists in the field of pedagogics one of the highest in the world.

  • you will be quiet, that Your kid is fed, changed clothes, well-groomed and obvolute attention;
  • you will freely plan the day, not changing the usual rhythm of life;
  • sections, mugs, pool, will be painted and Your nurse will always be next to a child;
  • the diary of day of nurse will report to you about the most important events that happened for a day.

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