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Housekeeper with residing

Maid it is a specialist with the special knowledge and abilities on the conduct of housekeeping, creation of comfort and maintenance of house in a cleanness. This man is under an obligation not only to possess all professional skills but also cause a trust, be pleasant in a commonunication, honest, intellectual and decent.


That is included in the duties of maid?

  • complete cleaning up of apartment or house;
  • care of the sanitary engineering and domestic technique;
  • care of furniture;
  • cleaning of carpets and sofas;
  • washing of windows;
  • doing dishes;
  • timely replacement of bed linen;
  • care of cloak-room and shoe;
  • washable and stroking;
  • care of plants and domestic pets;
  • preparation of meal;
  • other beforehand specified services concerning maintenance of dwelling in a cleanness.

How to define qualification of maid?

In our agency of selection of personnel you will find a skilled employee and helper on a house, at acceptable price. Choosing a maid, it is necessary to report to the manager of agency of what type a specialist needs you. For determination of qualification of maid next skills influence:

  • uses by a modern domestic technique;
  • knowledge and ability on determination of setting of domestic chemistry, eco;
  • knowledge on bases of preparation of domestic feed;
  • knowledge and skills, on the care of expensive cloak-room;
  • it is desirable to be able to take care of plants;
  • to find a common language with domestic animals.

Also on qualification of maid general experience of work in families, and also temporal period of work influences in every family, personal in-plant training, visit of courses, masterclasss, presence of positive letters of introduction, well-groomed appearance and hours of work.

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