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A flight attendant for business aviation

Air steward it is a man, accountable for organization of pastime of passengers in an air transport, and also organization of measures on safety of flight and realization of connection between the crew of airplane and passengers.

At carrying passengers, except specialists that engages in a technical equipment and realization of flight, people, that help passengers onboard, care of their feel and safety, are also required. This work air stewards engage in.


What an air steward is responsible for?

An air steward meets passengers aboard an airplane, helps to take the places them, organizes the feed of passengers, answers arising up for them during flight questions. Except it, an air steward accepts luggage of passengers. An air steward carries out all measures on safety of flight, in his conduct there are spare hatches, air-jackets, inflatable boats for the urgent landing on water and inflatable ladders for the urgent landing. He also carries out permanent connection between the crew of airplane and passengers.

What internalss are possessed by an air steward business of aviation?

An air steward must possess such internalss, as goodwill and pinness – it is important, that passengers felt aboard an airplane comfortably. At the same time an air steward must be sharp, able quickly to make decision, because every surprises can happen during flight, must be able to render the first medical aid. An air steward must be enduring also, in fact caring about passengers onboard requires certain physical efforts.

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