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The couple in the house outside the city

Being of domestic pair in Your house will replace to you at once the whole “bureau of kind services”. In the pair of duty on a house clearly up-diffused on ” a woman” (cleaning up, washable, stroking, preparation of meal, supervision upon children, care of plants et al) and ” masculine” (conduct of book-keeping, repair and repair of the systems of water- and gas-supplyings, functions of driver, courier, guard, gardener et al). In addition, such arranged system in that all is clear and harmoniously arranged can introduce in the atmosphere of your house the special caring, attention and heat.



What included in the basic duties of domestic pair?

A maid executes: complete complex of cleaning up of house; washes tableware, kitchen utensil, refrigerator; replaces bed linen; sees to furniture; sees to the sanitary engineering, domestic technique; cleans carpets, marble gilded to the surface; assorts linen for dry-cleaning; executes a hand and machine washable; pets; sees to the cloak-room, shoe; by domestic plants and animals; washes windows; cooks.

A manager executes works: provides trouble-free work of the of communication system; serves at home territory of area; works with service services; watches the good conditions of the systems water -, gaz supply, heating systems, electro- is providing, systems of cleaning of drinkable and sewer waters, systems of video-supervision; light maintenance on a house; sees to the plants in open soil; sees to the domestic animals.

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