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Need a cook?

A good cook is a mortgage of health and wonderful mood of all family, exactly a domestic cook is responsible for a feed you and your near. Cooks that cooperate with our agency it is specialists with experience in the serious restaurants of both Ukraine and Europe, getting masterclasss, for the cooks of world level, owning necessary knowledge about the correct choice of foods, their storage, preparation and unique serve.


What cooks can we pick up?

  • For maintenance of Your family
  • For work in an office and organization of stand-up meals, receptions
  • For realization of domestic holiday


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A professional cook on a house will provide:

  • complete organization of process of preparation of dishes, inclusive planning of menu, purchase of foods and careful control after their quality;
  • preparation of dishes of different complication, different kitchens of the world;
  • literate serving of table and serve of dishes;
  • observance of all necessary norms of hygiene;
  • table of contents of place for preparation of food in a cleanness and order;
  • organization of festive banquets, stand-up meals on occasion of triumph.  Order a cook and get complete pleasure life!

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